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Hey my story is similar to the average person trying to come up and make a change in their life.

Just a few years back I was working as a shoe store salesman making $8 per hour,  broke living paycheck to paycheck with a 473 credit score (that was what my score was when I first ever checked it at the age 26). I just decided that there has to be something else out there for me

and that's when I came across credit education which change my life in a flash.


I know it's the foundation that can lead you to really understanding financial literacy and leverage. Once I got a hold of this information I couldn't stop studying it and year after year my life just keep getting better and better. I encourage everyone to gather as much credit educational knowledge as they can and see for yourself how it can change your life. 


About Me

 In this moment I had walked back into a Finish Line store, after earning 6 figures leveraging credit, just thinking, like man if I can do it anybody can! 




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